Agent Information

To protect student-athlete eligibility, it is important that both agents and student-athletes adhere to btoh NCAA rules regarding agents and University of Iowa policy.

Under NCAA Bylaw 12.3, a student-athlete may not agree verbally or in writing to be represented by an athlete agent in the present or in the future for the purpose of marketing the student-athlete's ability or reputation.  Further, a student-athlete may not accept any type of benefit from an agent (or a representative of an agent). If the student-athlete enters into such an agreement or accepts a benefit, the student-athlete becomes ineligible for intercollegiate competition.

The University of Iowa prohibits any contact between agents and student-athletes UNLESS:

- The agent is registered with the University of Iowa AND the Iowa Secretarty of State
- The contact is arranged by the University of Iowa Athletic Department
- The student-athlete is in his/her final season of eligibility

Information for Agents

University of Iowa Agent Registration

State of Iowa Athlete Agent Registration

Reminders: Do's and Don'ts for Agents

Information for Student-Athletes

Overview: Professional Sports Agents

Exceptional Athlete Insurance

Student-athletes who realistically anticipate receiving a significant amount of money as professional athletes because of their present market value may want to consider obtaining disability insurance coverage.  For more information on disability coverage please review the information provided by the NCAA or contact the compliance office.



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